Get an Outstanding Stamped Concrete Floor in Chicago

For High-Traffic Areas, Consider Stamped Concrete Floors in Chicago

Are you considering getting a stamped concrete floor in Chicago because you don't want to deal with frayed carpet and scuffs on your tile? Well, you've come to the right place! At Chicago Stamped Concrete Pros, we install much of our stamped concrete outdoors. However, we can also install stamped concrete doors indoors in any room in your home.

A great place to have stamped concrete flooring installed is in high-traffic areas like the kitchen. Since stamped concrete is so durable, maintenance would be minimal. Stamped concrete floors are also a nice touch in hallways. You can choose from a variety of floor stamping designs, including wood, slate, and flagstone. We can even change the color of stamped concrete from gray to just about any color you'd like.

Are you ready to get a stamped concrete floor in Chicago? One of our expert contractors will speak with you about your choices and provide you with a FREE quote.

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The Benefit of Sealing Your Stamped Concrete Floor in Chicago 

Unlike outdoors, your indoor stamped concrete floors are subject to much more foot traffic, stains, and dirt. Therefore, keeping them clean can become a chore. In addition, while stamped concrete is a durable floor option, maintaining them can become tedious if the floors aren't sealed. So, if you want to protect your floors, it may be a good idea to have them sealed.

After installing the stamped concrete floor of your choice, we can apply an acrylic sealant that will give your floor a light sheen. This glossy look not only makes your floor look great but also can help protect it from scuffs and stains. It will also prevent it from fading over time. Another good reason to seal your concrete is to prevent cracks and make your floor easier to clean.

Are you ready to get new sealed stamped concrete floors installed in your home? Call us today for a free quote on all of our stamped concrete services.

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Why You Should Get Wood Stamped Concrete Instead of Hardwood 

Hardwood floors are a beautiful type of flooring to add to your home. But they can also be hard to maintain. Over time, high traffic can wear down parts of your floor, requiring you to have your floors restored. Also, you have to be very careful when moving furniture so that it won't dent or scrape your floors. If you want the beauty of hardwood floors without the agony of high maintenance, consider getting a wood stamped concrete floor installed.

You can recreate the beauty of a cedar, oak, or pine pattern, complete with the colors of those woods. We can put these floors in your living room or kitchen. And if you want to jazz up your basement, we can also install a wood stamped concrete basement floor in Chicago.

If you are ready to switch the flooring in your home to one that's more durable and easy to maintain, call us now to learn more. One of our friendly contractors will discuss your options and provide a free quote on your stamped concrete floor in Chicago.

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Get Stamped Concrete in Chicago For Your Commercial Floors

Are you tired of spending excessive amounts of money on cleaning and maintaining your floors in your business? Our stamped concrete contractors not only can create an attractive stamped concrete design outside your business but also inside. Believe it or not, floors can make an impression on your guests. Of course, dirty ones will leave a negative impression. But beautiful, well-designed ones like those that we can install in your Chicago business will leave an excellent impression.

Another great thing about having stamped concrete floors is that they are very durable and easy to maintain. So, you won't have to worry about scuff marks as you would with tile or stains as with carpet, particularly if you seal the stamped concrete. If you decide to go with our sealants for your floor, this will also make cleaning a sinch.

Wouldn't you like an affordable, environmentally friendly, durable, and easy-to-maintain indoor stamped concrete floor in Chicago for your business? Then, contact one of our expert contractors today to learn more about your options and get a free quote.



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The stamped concrete in Chicago we had installed by Chicago Stamped Concrete Pros is simply stunning. The crew was friendly and efficient, and the price was right. Highly recommend these experts!
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Choose From Our Beautiful Patterns & Designs for Your Floors

Did you know that stamped concrete designs aren't just for the exterior? We can also make your interior floors look great. Choose from a variety of patterns and designs including wood or flagstone stamped concrete. Check our additional patterns below that you can get complete with a stamped concrete finish in Chicago.

Wood Stamped Concrete

Slate Stamped Concrete

Brick Stamped Concrete

Flagstone Stamped Concrete

Paver Stamped Concrete

Stone Stamped Concrete

Chicago Stamped Concrete Pros - Beautiful Designs for Your Home Are Here!

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