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20 Years Of Providing Stellar Stamped Concrete in Chicago

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The stamped concrete in Chicago we had installed by Chicago Stamped Concrete Pros is simply stunning. The crew was friendly and efficient, and the price was right. Highly recommend these experts!
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What Sets Our Stamped Concrete in Chicago Apart From the Competition

Why Our Customers Love Our Services

Quick and easy installation involves working with existing concrete surfaces
Gorgeous traditional and customized concrete designs in Chicago, Illinois.
Our customer service is high-quality and exceptional

Why is Our Stamped Concrete the Best

Our skilled contractors provide excellent quality down to the most minor details
We provide customized stamped concrete to make your property stand out
Our customers consistently provide us with 5-star ratings 

What Are the Benefits of Our Services

We provide free inspections and free estimates for our services
Our experts help you to determine the best style of stamped concrete for Chicago properties
100% satisfaction guaranteed for our service

We Offer Our Top-Rated Stamped Concrete Throughout Chicago, IL

Chicago is very famous for its unique architecture.  Some of its extraordinary architectural buildings include the John Hancock Center, Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House, The Sullivan Center, the Wrigley Building, and much more.  In keeping with this tradition of great design, Chicago Stamped Concrete Pros aims to deliver you top-notch stamped concrete designs for your patio, walkway, and pool deck.  

For 20 years, we have provided services to customers in Chicago and cities surrounding Chicago, such as Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, Evanston, and Orland Park.  We have transformed simple driveways into stunning works of art.  Our precision and attention to detail have helped us gain our 5-star rating.  

Are you ready for our stamped concrete company to change your walkway or basement?  Contact one of our top-rated contractors today for a free inspection and quote on our stamped concrete services in and around Chicago. 

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We Work magic right before your eyes

Chicago Stamped Concrete Pros - An EASY Process

Although our skilled team of experts makes the stamped concrete process look easy, it doesn't mean that it is.  The stamped concrete process is very intricate.  Therefore, you shouldn't rely on amateurs to handle your stamped concrete installation.  Here's what you can expect from our process:

Step 1.


We want our customers to know precisely what their costs will be so that they won't have to deal with surprises once we are finished. Call to speak to a concrete contractor now.
Step 2.


A lot of planning and skill goes into each stamped concrete pattern in Chicago.  Everything we do has to be precise to deliver our customers perfect designs every time.  
Step 3.


Our team of installers must work quickly to pour the concrete, add the colors, and stamp the design.  After 20 years of providing stamped concrete services in the greater Chicago area, we have perfected our workmanship into an art and a science.  
We have many style options

Choose From Our Stamped Concrete Patterns

We have several stamped concrete patterns that you can choose for your backyard, patio, driveway, or basement.  Also, if you prefer a unique style for your property, we even provide customized stamped concrete designs.  

Wood Stamped Concrete

Did you know that you don't have to settle for a boring slab of concrete in your basement? Instead, you can incorporate our wood-stamped concrete designs, which mimic hardwood floors. This will add intrigue to your concrete surfaces.

Stone Stamped Concrete

If you want a much more classic and traditional look for your patio or stamped concrete driveway, consider installing stone-stamped concrete.  Our contractors can mimic the look of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Get in touch for the decorative concrete work you need!

Paver Stamped Concrete

Do you want the look of pavers without the drawbacks of pavers such as high costs, trip hazards, and grass growing between them?  Our expert installation team can provide you with a paver-stamped concrete style that looks like pavers only without the disadvantages.

Flagstone Concrete

Flagstone is one of the most gorgeous stones to use in a patio design.  Its irregular pattern lures the eyes right to it, and the rich colors make the pattern even more irresistible.  Our stamped concrete professionals create this same style, complete with its color scheme using our state-of-the-art stamped design.  

Brick Stamped Concrete

So, you want your walkway our your garden areas to incorporate a brick pattern. However, you are afraid that it will be costly and will take an exceptionally long time to install.  You will be happy to know that we can create this same look with our stamped concrete for less money and install it in less time. 

Slate Stamped Concrete

Slate pavers are very beautiful but require a lot of maintenance to keep them in pristine condition.  Do you want the same gorgeous look without the painstaking work?  Consider getting our slate stamped concrete for your backyard or walkway.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to get stamped concrete services, but you aren't sure exactly what the process is and what's involved?  Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about what is stamped concrete in Chicago, IL and more. There is a lot to learn about stamped concrete overlay, stamped concrete patterns, and concrete surfaces.

What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is a method for decorating your pathways and patios to make them more attractive. Contractors pour concrete in these areas, stamp them with a pattern, and include dyes to color the concrete. Once the concrete dries, what remains is a beautiful design.

Why is stamped concrete better than pavers?

The process of stamping concrete is somewhat cheaper than installing pavers. Also, with stamped concrete, you never have to worry about unsightly grass growing between the impression as it does with pavers. Another thing is that stamped concrete is less of a trip hazard because it will remain level, unlike pavers which can loosen over time.

How long does the stamped concrete installation process take?

It can take 3 to 5 days for stamped concrete to be installed. After the concrete is poured and stamped, it will need to dry for about 24 hours. The contractors usually come back the next day to wash the concrete, followed by sealing it. This process could take a day or two. During these wait times, customers should avoid using the areas or allowing their pets in the areas.

More About Our 5-Star Decorative Concrete Services

For 20 years, Chicago Stamped Concrete Pros has delivered outstanding stamped concrete services in the greater Chicago area. Our dependable and friendly customer service has consistently provided us with 5-star ratings from our customers. Please look at how we are transforming homes in your neighborhood with our perfect stamped concrete designs.

Enjoy Entertaining on Your Chicago Stamped Concrete Patio With Our Services

One great thing about using stamped concrete in your patio design in Chicago, IL is its versatility. You don't have to stick with the limited designs of traditional stone or brick pavers. There's virtually no limit to the styles and colors that you can incorporate into your design with stamped concrete. 

Instead, you can have a stamped concrete patio design all your own complete with colors that blend well with your home. You can even have object prints such as leaves strewn into your stamped concrete design. To learn more about our stamped concrete for your patio and to get a free estimate, contact one of our stamped concrete contractors today!
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Transform Your Driveway With Our Unique Stamped Concrete Designs

Are you tired of coming home to cracked, oil-stained driveways?  These blemishes could also be ruining your curb appeal, especially if you are trying to sell your home.  Getting our top-notch designs installed in your driveway will make you happy to park your car at your house.  We can make the process easy with a stamped concrete overlay. Also, our sealant will keep the oil and muck away so that you can enjoy only the beautiful design you paid for. 

Contact one of our friendly experts today to learn more about our stamped concrete services for your driveway and to get a free quote.  

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Use Our Stamped Concrete Services to Make Your Pool Deck in Chicago Come Alive!

If you are tired of staring at your boring pool deck year after year, then it's time to call in the experts at Chicago Stamped Concrete Pros. Our stellar skills will make your pool areas gorgeous in no time. The beauty and intricacy of our designs will have you so amazed that you will probably spend more time looking at your pool deck than you do swimming! 

Contact one of our experts stamped concrete installers today to get a free inspection and quote on your new pool deck design.
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Flagstone stamped conrete in Chicago, IL
paver stamped concrete Chicago, IL

Are You Ready to Improve Your Curb Appeal With Stamped Concrete Walkways?

Did you know that besides your windows and doors, your pathways can influence your curb appeal too? If you have walkways that are cracked, chipped, dirty, and full of moss, this can make your home look terrible. Fixing your surfaces by installing one of our beautiful walkways stamped concrete designs will work wonders to improve your curb appeal.

We have various styles to choose from, including wood, brick, paver, stone, flagstone, and slate stamped concrete. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to get a free estimate for your Chicago IL property.

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Our Stamped Concrete Chicago Can Make Your Flooring Gorgeous and Durable

You don't always have to opt for traditional flooring options like carpet, tile, or wood.  Did you know that you can have stamped concrete floors installed and they can mimic the look of hardwood?  Not only will your floor have the imprint of wood grain, but we can also incorporate colors to make it look like wood.  

Do you want a pinewood style? Or perhaps you would like to have oak?  Whatever wood grain style you want, we can create it with stamped concrete.  Contact us today to learn more about stamped concrete flooring and to get a free quote.
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wood stamped concrete in Chicago
Stamped concrete backyard in Chicago, IL

Would You Like Stamped Concrete in Your Backyard Areas?

Are you having a backyard party soon but your backyard is in no condition for entertaining friends and family?  We can help!  Turn your mosquito-infested, unsightly backyard into a place perfect for entertaining with our superb stamped concrete designs. 

You can choose from traditional styles such as flagstone or paver stamped concrete or you can have a design customized to fit your design tastes.  Contact one of our friendly, dependable stamped concrete installers in Chicago, IL today to learn more about how we can transform your outdoor living space and get your free estimate. 

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We Provide Stamped Concrete - Chicago & Surrounding Areas

Chicago Stamped Concrete Pros has served the metro Chicago area for 20 years.  However, this isn't the only city we serve.  Check out other nearby cities where we provide our stamped concrete services.  Give us a call today for stamped concrete in Chicago!

Oak Lawn
Oak Park
Orland Park
Arlington Heights
Boling Brook
Des Plaines
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Do You Need a New Outdoor Living Space? Try Stamped Concrete!

Our designs are guaranteed to excite you each time you walk on them.  Contact one of our stamped concrete professionals today for a free quote on your stamped concrete installation.  
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